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Case Study Details

Client: Kent Town Dental

Year: 2020

Timeframe: 6 months

Main Service: Lead  Generation & Branding

Return Over Investiment: 90%

What first began as a struggling dental practice in 2019 after a dentist practice takeover gone wrong leaving them with fewer dental patients than what was proposed, the local dentist based in Kent Town, South Australia, Australia has been able to completely transform their business hitting 500k in future lifetime client revenue after working with LR Media.

The dentist which we can’t name for privacy reasons was not in a good position. 3 months after opening their doors, they brought in our team of experts at LR Media to help manage advertising campaigns for their practice. Their owner identified with the reality that he was a Dentist, not a marketing professional. He had a vision for his practice but no know-how on how to execute.

After consulting with Sebastian and the LR Media team, they came to the conclusion that they needed new clients and fast.

Their objective was to increase market share by attracting new patients to their practice.

We wanted to attract new patients local to the practice who were insured and who were ether letting their benefits go to waste or unhappy with their current provider of dental care.

LR Media then developed a clear multi-channel advertising strategy towards their new patient special promotion which was being driven by LR Media’s “Predictable Client System” which was focused on driving targeted traffic to their offer for the lowest cost possible, getting lot’s of conversions, retargeting non-buyers and nurturing each of those potential leads with a series of emails.

We cut out what traditionally doesn’t work or that can’t be tracked or measured for results, like traditional media (TV, Radio & print). We focused on results-driven marketing channels so put all of our efforts on Facebook & Instagram marketing channels.

We began working on the online presence optimizing their website for mobile, and got their SEO up to par and cleaned up their social media profiles. To be fair none of this really matters as it’s was the paid traffic through Facebook and Instagram that led our resurgence of total market domination.

The results have been staggering. A complete chokehold of the market and shutout of any competitors in the area. Over 550+ New leads were generated over 5 months’, over 350 of those went on to claim their new patient offer – generating over $70,000 in immediate revenue for the practice with a further $505,000 – half a million dollars – in future lifetime client revenue to come in based on historic statistic analysis and revenue models.

Even looking in closer over the last 45 days, when usually struggle in the first few months of a new year, LR Media drove 166 new patient leads which resulted in $16,891 in immediate revenue and $109,000 in future lifetime value.

So, what was the cost to generate this revenue in the past 45 days? Facebook & Instagram Total Ad Spend: $2,421

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